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Roof Replacements 

Whether you own a residential home or a commercial building, working with Miguel Construction LLC will keep your building safe and secure. Although we are trained and experienced in working with many roof types, the most common materials that we install include:

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Asphalt Shingles

At Miguel Construction LLC, we strive to install the highest-quality roofing products.  Our team takes great pride in the shingle roofing systems that we install.  Each job requires special attention to detail during the installation process.

Metal Roofing

Miguel Construction LLC installs and repairs metal corrugated & standing seam roof systems. Corrugated metal roofing has strength and longevity benefits to the homeowner. A Metal roof will last 2-3 times the life of a shingle roof and withstand high winds, fire, and hail with ease. The fire safety aspects of corrugated and standing seam roof systems make them easier to insure and offer lifetime savings in insurance premiums.

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